Bring QRP to You!

The Queerspawn Resource Project offers a variety of workshops and presentations that bring queerspawn identities, histories, and needs to the forefront. Our content also integrates queerspawn perspectives into existing LGBTQ advocacy initiatives.

Interested in a training? 
You can choose from one of our already constructed workshops or reach out to discuss a custom workshop that will meet the needs of your group.

Current Workshops:

Queerspawn in the Family: A Queerspawn and LGBTQ+ Parent Dialogue 
Are all members of LGBTQ families visible? LGBTQ+ family advocacy often focuses on parents alone. To address the needs of the entire family, we need to understand the needs and points of difference of queerspawn. We will address the controversial topics that often arise in an effort to navigate a path of understanding and empathy. How do we rise together in a unified movement that centers the needs of queer and trans parents and queerspawn?

Queerspawn Allyship and Movement Building
Queerspawn are not solely the children in our community. They are also adolescents, adults, and even parents who have unique identities, insights, and stories. They are a part of our community in great need of support and resources of their own. This workshop will explore queerspawn identities and narratives, provide examples of ways to include and support queerspawn in various institutional settings, and engage participants in strategic brainstorming about broadening their work to reach queerspawn.

Queerspawn Cultural Competancy
Specific trainings are available for behavioral health clinicians, medical providers, educators, and advocates!

Queerspawn in College: Broadening Supports for Students
Description coming soon!

Beyond Heather Has Two Mommies: The History of Queerspawn in Literature
Description coming soon!