How to Be an Ally to Queerspawn

Allyship is an active, ongoing process of educating oneself, unlearning harmful beliefs/assumptions, acknowledging privilege, and showing up even when there are no witnesses. Here are a few suggestions of ways to start being a queerspawn ally.

  • Avoid assumptions related to birth and family building

    • Do not use language assuming someone was birthed by a mother and/or someone who identifies as a woman

    • Do not assume someone was birthed by a parent

    • Do not attach gender to names for parents

  • Challenge assumptions about queer folks having straight parents

  • Acknowledge and validate connection to queer community and queer cultural identity

  • Practice using queerspawn identity language

  • Resist critiquing or expressing your dislike of “queerspawn” or other identity language unless you have a LGBTQ parent/s

  • Do not infantilize queerspawn – there are queerspawn of all ages

  • Be intentional in parsing out queerspawn from “LGBTQ families

Downloadable Version of Living Language and Allyship Handout