About QRP


By providing education about queerspawn (people with one or more LGBTQ+ parents/guardians) identities, histories, and needs, broadening communal and organizational support for queerspawn, and increasing access to resources that validate queerspawn experiences − particularly those that are often misunderstood, dismissed, or silenced − the Queerspawn Resource Project works to construct more spaces where queerspawn and their perspectives are welcomed and valued.


Megan McKnight – North Jersey Pride, 2016

Jamie Larson and Megan McKnight, along with Gabe Back-Gaal, met through COLAGE, an organization with a 25 year history supporting queerspawn. Together, the three of them revived the New York City chapter of COLAGE in 2016 and hoped to create opportunities for adult queerspawn in NYC to build community and to address issues that impact adult queerspawn. Through multiple brainstorming sessions with members in NYC, it became clear that the focus should be: 1) education that will allow for queerspawn to be understood and validated in the spaces they occupy throughout the city, and 2) to increase access to queerspawn-specific resources that go beyond children book lists or LGBTQ+ family resource lists, which tend to be focused more on LGBTQ+ parents.

Gabe Back-Gaal – North Jersey Pride, 2016

As chapter leaders, we grew this initiative and began constructing the original version of the resource list found on this website. We also developed the first queerspawn cultural competency training and began presenting it at conferences and universities. As the work grew, the necessity for an organization that could focus solely on these needs for queerspawn became evident. Thus, in the beginning of 2019, the Queerspawn Resource Project was born.