Online Articles

The Highs and Lows of Growing Up in Queer Families – Susan G. Cole (2018)
My Moms Never Tried to Hide the Fact that We Were a Family – James Estrin (2018)
The Art of Deception – Lara Lillibridge (2018)
Cori – My Story – Cori Bratby-Rudd (2017)
What Happened When My Dad Came Out as Transgender – Catriona Innes (2017)
Sh*t People Have Actually Said to People with LGBTQ+ Parents Vita Pearl (2017)
How Parents Come Out – or Are Outed – To Their Kids – Gabriela Herman (2017)
The Grandmanny – Elizabeth Collins (2017)
Children of Gay Parents Don’t Have It Easy – Elizabeth Collins (2017)
I Too Had a Closet – Stephanie Cenedella (2017)
My Two Moms – Marianella Orlando (2017)
Inheritance – Kirk Wisland (2017)
When My Father Came Out as Transgender, the Realisation that He Was Gone Hit Hard – Joshua Hewitt (2016)
The Story of a Son With a Transgender Father: “My Dad Never Changed” – Lisa Weinstein (2016)
Surprise, My Gay Dad is Sexist! – Elizabeth Collins (2016)
Breaking the Horse – Kerry Cullen (2016)
What Am I Supposed to Call My Dad’s Ex-Boyfriend? A Modern Woman’s Dilemma – Elizabeth Collins (2016)
Here’s What It’s REALLY Like Having a Transgender Parent: An 8th Grader Shares Her Personal Experiences – Brynn Tannehill (2016)
People Share Their Favorite Things About Having Two Moms – Sarah Karlan (2016)
Breaking the Horse – Kerry Cullen (2016)
I’m Twelve Now So I Understand More – Jacqui Tomlins (2015)
What It’s Really Like to Have a Transgender Parent – Sharon Shuttock as told to Diana Pearl (2015)
My Father Was Fired For being Gay, And Family Deserves Apology – Laura Hall (2015)
My Wonderful Gay Family: I Was Raised By Two Loving, Beautiful Lesbian Mums – Taisce Gillespie (2015)
What’s It Like For a Child When Their Mum or Dad Comes Out as Gay? – Aaron Hicklin (2015)
My Unconventional Texas Family: A Gay Dad and a Mom Who Men’s Clothes, in the Lone Star State – Elizabeth Collins (2015)
Telling Their Stories – Trenton Straube (2015)
When a Parent Transitions: One Teen Shares Her Story – Alex Rees (2015)
No Longer Second Class – Sacha Finn (2015)
Learning to Be a Man When You’re Raised By Two Moms – Zach Wahls (2015)
The Kids Are Alright: How Being Raised By Two Mothers Shaped My Life – Rosa Escandon (2015)
I Was Ashamed and Silent About Being Raised by Two Women – Ariel Chesler (2015)
Why Children of Same-Sex Parents Should No Longer Feel Invisible– Ariel Chesler (2015)
Heather Barwick, Don’t Let Your Pain Hurt Other Kids – Ariel Chesler (2015)
Talking with Grown Kids of Gay Parents – E.J. Graff (~2015)
Real Families: Beyond the 20/20 Sound Byte – Danielle Silber (2014) 
What People Need to Understand about Growing Up With Two Moms – Anna Thöne (2014)
What It’s Like To Be the Gay Children of Gay Parents – Jarett Wieselman and Claire Pires (2014)
I Grew Up Going to Pride With My Moms. Do I Still Belong in the Parade? – Ruth Krebs Buck (2014)
My Father is a Butch Dyke: A Queerspawn Reflection After Father’s Day – Cyree Jarelle Johnson (2013)
Raised By Lesbians and I Feel Fine – Ariel Chesler (2013)
From Humiliation to Appreciation – Annie Chagnot (2013)
The Great Mystery of Straight People – Emma Tattenbaum-Fine (2013)
To All the Colleges Who May Never Get a Chance to Reject Me: From the Poor Black Kid With Two Moms – Angela Onwuachi-Willig (2013)
I Got Gay Married in First Grade – Emma Tattenbaum-Fine (2013)
On Having a Dad Who TransitionedHeather B. (2013)
My Dad and HIV: A Double Life – Marco Roth (2013)
What’s It Like Growing Up with a Transgender Parent?: Sharon Shattuck Knows – Gina (2012)
‘NAME CHANGE’ – Sharon Shattuck (2012)
‘Evan’s Two Moms’ Revisited 20 Years Later – Evan Casper-Futterman (2012)
Growing Up With Two Moms: The Untold Children’s View – Robert Oscar Lopez (2012)
O Pioneers! – Benjamin Anastas (2011)
Alexis Danzig Interview Transcript – ACT UP Oral History Project – Alexis Danzig and Sarah Schulman (2010)
Lessons From ‘Aunties’ and the AIDS Epidemic – Jasmyn Belcher (2010)
Queerspawn – Planned Parenthood LGBTQ Resources (2010)
‘Gayby boom’: Children of Gay Couples Speak Out – John Blake (2009)
Documenting Kids of Queer Parents – Staff (2008)
With Change, Acceptance is Key: Two Brothers Share How They Coped When Their Father Decided to Become a Woman – Lane DeGregory (2007)
A Teen With Two Moms – Guianna Henriquez (2005)
Growing Up with Mom and Mom – Susan Dominus (2004)
On Father’s Day I Can Celebrate the Gift of having Two Dads – Abigail Garner (2004)
The Second Generation – David Kirby (1998)