QRP has Launched and is Headed to Creating Change in Detroit!

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Our bags are packed, we’ve boarded our flights, and the Queerspawn Resource Project has officially launched! We decided to correspond our launch with our trip to attend Creating Change 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. Creating Change is the one of the largest skill sharing and capacity building conferences for the LGBTQ+ social justice movement. Activists and advocates from across the United States will converge on the Renaissance Center in Detroit from January 23rd through 27th to share ideas, build resilience, sustain initiatives, and insure our movements are intersectional and working to address the needs of those in our community most impacted by systemic oppression.

We have been privileged to present queerspawn-focused workshops at previous Creating Change gatherings while working with COLAGE, but we are very excited to be presenting this year as the Queerspawn Resource Project. We will be able to introduce our fully realized vision to attendees and share our updated resources and training offerings. Our workshop is titled, “Queerspawn in the Family: A LGBTQ+ Parent and Queerspawn Dialogue. Its intent is to address some common misunderstandings between queer parents and queerspawn, as well as to envision a LGBTQ+ family movement that invites queerspawn into the strategizing and decision-making stages.

In addition to our presentation on Saturday, we are greatly looking forward to bringing uncensored, authentic, and beautifully complex, queerspawn perspectives to other presentations, caucuses, and actions taking place at the conference. We aim to encourage conference attendees to reflect on their current work and whether they are making room for queerspawn. For those who claim to be doing queerspawn-inclusive work, we will challenge them to ponder whether it is an ethical inclusion of queerspawn. This is an opportunity for queerspawn to tell our queer community members that we are here, our perspectives matter, we are not “just like every straight/cis family,” we are lacking life-changing resources, and we want a seat at that decision-making table. Nothing about us without us.